I don’t know what else would make it work in one directory but not in another. The first line does one thing, and the rest together does something else. I tried only the first line by itself too since I read that an external JavaScript file is best when it is only one program. This is technically two, but it made no difference with only the one line.

It is very easy to read json data files in Javascript. In the following Nodejs script, we have JSON data stored as string in variable jsonData. We then used JSON.parse() function to JSONify the string. Until now we simulated the situation where you have obtained or created a JSON object. Using the jsonString from reading customer.json, we create an object, and can access the address property.

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  • But if you want to open JSON bookmark backup files, you can use the Import and Backup feature in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Because they are lossy, JPEGs should not be edited and resaved multiple times, as this will result in severe image degradation .
  • It means you need to export the API as shown below to allow the API name to stay constant even with the minified js file.
  • In the case when the files are encrypted with an online key, there is a chance to restore the encrypted files using alternative methods, which are described below.
  • Each User has a Twitter name, an ID, a number of followers, and most often an account bio.

UsersUpdate UserUpdates the description of a user specified by a Bearer token. TeamsGet Channel TeamsRetrieves a list of Twitch Teams of which the specified channel/broadcaster is a member. StreamsCreate Stream MarkerCreates a marker in the stream of a user specified by user ID. PredictionsGet PredictionsGet information about all Channel Points Predictions or specific Channel Points Predictions for a Twitch channel.

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You are lucky the decompressed original was an AVI file, any other video format would not have re-assembled at all. By deleting the ‘good’ RAR files you’ve also deleted the ‘hook’ that the remainder would use to re-join the family tree. That’s a pretty specific set of commands there, you may have to look at creating a macro for something like that. If you already have WinRAR, extraction is even easier. The RAR file will be created without losing the original files.

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The lightweight approach of JSON can make significant improvements while working with complex systems. Browse other questions tagged json or ask your own question. For same amount of string data JSON will be lighter compare to XML as XML has all that opening and closing tags, etc… The way I like to think of JSON is exactly what it is – a language within a world of different languages. However, the difference between JSON and other languages is that “everyone” “speaks” JSON, along with their “native language.” As an added bonus, if you’re familiar with Python or Javascript, you already pretty much know JSON and can interpret it without much training at all. A good way would be to use a json serialiser – which is a library which does the heavy lifting for you.